• Audi Campus

    • Guanghua overseas study group visited FAW-VW Audi

      On June 17, 2015, more than 50 EMBA students from Spain's ESADE Business School came to visit Audi City Beijing. Peking University Guanghua School of Management and FAW-VW Audi have formed strategic partners since 2014. This visit was set with the course, "Chinese Market and Consumer Behaviors", of Professor Xu Jing from Guanghua School of Management Department of Marketing. Through visits to enterprises and close contact and exchange with Chinese corporate managers, the students could indeed feel China's business environment and business innovation and draw Chinese enterprises' management experience in adapting to the market dynamics and changes. This has promoted intercultural exchange and communication.
      (Photo: EMBA students from ESADE Business School visit Audi City Beijing)

    • Strategic analysis of FAW-VW Audi in China

      Mr. Liu Zhanshu, director of the Strategy & Operations Management Department of FAW-VW Audi Sales Division, introduced the successful experience of Audi China strategy as well as the challenges Audi faces in China and its new initiatives to deal with the challenges. Mr. Liu analyzed that as the first imported car brand entering China, Audi is in a leading position in terms of both technology and sales channels and has realized the localization of its full value chain. In addition, benefited from its position as the sole official car brand in China for a long time, Audi has achieved huge success in the Chinese market. Audi is currently facing a number of unfavorable factors from China's policies, laws, economy, society and other aspects. These factors have also produced a huge impact on Audi. For this reason, Audi has developed multi-dimensional strategic objectives in the business level and support system. For example, it has established a customer loyalty-oriented user management system to shape the Audi brand image from four aspects: product, user, channel and communication.
      (Photo: Mr. Liu Zhanshu, director of the Strategy & Operations Management Department of FAW-VW Audi Sales Division)

    • Beijing BDL Audi Center's market director introduced the digital marketing mode

      Mr. Li Ang, market director of Beijing BDL Haidian Audi Center, also shared with the students the attempt and experience of BDL as an Audi dealer in the field of digital marketing. Mr. Li thought that the real digital marketing is different from the traditional network promotion, advertising and other simple information dissemination but can establish multi-dimensional business areas such as network distribution, social me-media marketing, public opinion detection and management as well as online survey. Through digital marketing, dealers can select quality customers. In addition to enhancing the brand influence and sales, digital marketing can establish effective communication between the market and salespersons, so that the information resources can be shared in time. In addition, Mr. Li also introduced the importance of forming the digital marketing department and its functions. The students also discussed with Mr. Li about Tmall TT presale and other hot topics.
      (Photo: Mr. Li Ang, market director of Beijing BDL Haidian Audi Center)

    • FAW-VW Audi and Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management jointly set up an automotive industry research center

      On October 15, 2015, FAW-VW Audi announced to co-work with Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM) to jointly set up "Tsinghua University (School of Economics and Management) China Industry Development Research Center - FAW-VW Audi Automobile Industry Research Center". This marks that FAW-VW Audi's full-range university-enterprise cooperation system has been further improved. The research center will center on the enterprise research and strategic planning of the automotive industry, fully play the professional advantages of both sides and integrate the resources of both universities and enterprises from multi-dimensions; and it will conduct innovation and exploration in the management model research, teaching case development, high-end talent exchange, school-enterprise resource sharing and other aspects to help the sustained development of China's automotive industry. Tsinghua SEM deputy party secretary Mr. Jiao Jie said: "In the communication with Audi, the strategy & operations management team led by Mr. Liu Zhanshu is the most efficient and most powerful team I have seen in all university-enterprise cooperation projects. This objectively increases my confidence in the establishment of the China Auto Industry Research Center." Under the witness of many people, both sides signed and exchanged the cooperation agreement.
      (Photo: Tsinghua SEM deputy party secretary Mr. Jiao Jie and FAW-VW Audi Sales Division deputy general manager Yu Qiutao)

    • When Audi's SOM "Meets" Zhejiang University's SOM

      On the evening of November 25, the Unveiling Ceremony of Zhejiang University's School of Management (SOM) FAW-VW Audi Social Practice Demonstration Base & the Launching Ceremony of Audi Lecture were grandly held, making FAW-VW Audi a training base for Zhejiang University's School of Management to cultivate innovative, inter-disciplinary, and practical talents. Mr. Qian Wenrong, Associate Dean of Zhejiang University's School of Management, Professor Ben Shenglin, Director of Zhejiang University's EMBA Programs, and Mr. Wu Weijin, Deputy Party Secretary of Zhejiang University's School of Management, attended the event and delivered keynote speeches. "FAW-VW Audi will leverage on its mature brand strategy experience and marketing operation model as a result of its 27-year development in China to carry out in-depth cooperation with Zhejiang University's School of Management in areas of trend exploration, brand strategy research, case study, organizational transformation, management training, career guidance and joint talent cultivation," said Mr. Liu Zhanshu, Head of Strategy & Operation Management (SOM) of FAW-VW Audi Sales Division. "In June 2015, 12 social practice teams consisting of 50 students from Zhejiang University's School of Management carried out research at Audi 4S Stores across Zhejiang Province, creating a new and innovative form of social practice for college students in Zhejiang. We are grateful for the professional projects proposed by Audi mentors as well as their professional guidance. And we hope Audi will provide more internship and social practice opportunities for the students of Zhejiang University's School of Management," said Mr. Wu Weijin, Deputy Party Secretary of Zhejiang University's School of Management.